Wildlife Photography Safari, South Africa
Non-Hunting Activities at

SADAKA safaris

At Sadaka Safaris, we also keep non-hunting companions in mind while the hunter is favoring his passion & therefore offer :

Elephant Back Safaris & Interaction

Spend the morning walking amongst and riding aback the giants of Africa!

African Sunlight Day Spa

Experience a haven of tranquility and intense relaxation.

Cheetah Experience

These majestic cats are the fastest land animal in the world

Horse Back Safaris

Horseback riding on the ranch, experiencing nature while being part of it!

Day Trips to Sun City (Hot air balooning, golf course, gambling and crocodile farm)

Be humbled by the magnificence of the world, and soar with the warm morning winds while gazing down upon endless wonders.

Local Town Shopping, curios and Sightseeing Trips
Big Five Photographic Safaris to National Parks

Tours to places like the Kruger National Park,Pilanesberg National Park,Cape wine routes,The Kalahari Desert or any other destination can be arranged by Sadaka Safaris. Photo safaris are conducted by licensed guides.

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Photographic Wildlife Safari, South Africa
Sadaka Safaris South Africa
Sadaka Safaris South Africa
Sadaka Safaris Southern Africa
Sadaka Safaris Photographic Safaris South Africa
Sadaka Safaris South Africa
Photography Safaris South Africa